UW HCDE 598 — Digital Fabrication Assignment 6: Molding and Casting — TriangLego

  1. I had to get machinable wax at the CoMotiuon space at UW.
  2. The machinable wax we used for the class did not fit the Othermill
  3. Nadya set up office hours to use a larger milling machine (YASSS)
  • Although milling is faster than 3D printing, it is quite consuming to deal with multiple file formats and programs.
  • 3D tools (eg. Fusion 360) have a terrible usability — even if large companies (*cough* AutoDesk *cough*) are behind them.
  • 3D tools have incoherent features that WILL change units when importing/resizing or simply looking at it the wrong way.
  • 3D tools seem to be so niche that large companies most likely have no incentive to make them better, which is unfortunate, because on the longer term, with the right usability and format compatibility they would develop a solid following that would be adopted by students first, then professionals, eventually becoming a de facto tool for building 3D experiences in a dystopian world where reality has been replaced with an interactive 3D simulation where humans compete for money, resources, and love.
  • Plaster of Paris takes FOREVER to cure.

Source files for the mold and pieces



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José Lara

José Lara

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