[Note: this is the second part of a two-part guide to create a system that uses a RaspberryPi with a temperature sensor to tweet once the temperature is above a specific level. The first part had some issues so it’ll be published soon.]

Since the IoT hub is now set up to send the temperature events to Azure, it’s time to configure it to send the events over to a Logic Apps app that will do things with the event.

Overview of what we’ll do:

Loved this post by Tressie McMillan Cottom.

For me, writer’s block is all about perspective. When I cannot write, I take that to mean that I do not yet have anything to, well, say. It is a novel concept, but I do not write until I have a point of view or an argument. If I do not have either of those things, it means that I am not done reading.

Sleep Around Before You Marry An Argument on Essaying

This perspective was quite insightful and immediately made me deeply think about the times where I have had to write…

I was enthused by Apple a few years ago when they announced updates to the WatchOS Bluetooth audio APIs that would allow apps to stream audio to Bluetooth devices. This meant I could get a watch that tracks my run while I hear to podcasts! No more having to figure out where to carry my phone, or be alone with my thoughts (the horror!).

I’d like to say that I carefully weighed the pros and cons of the device (as a PM obsessed with devices and user experiences), but in reality, I pre-ordered the thing and then started imagining how…

I saw that there were some new updates to MacOS Catalina, so I tried to install them through System Preferences / Software update:

After trying to get the update to install (forcing a restart), I noticed that it would not install — even after multiple tried with full battery and plugged into power.

After a while I assumed I didn't have enough free space, and tried again — still no luck.

I found somewhere a command to install the updates from the terminal, so I tried it:

sudo softareupdate -i -a

Then the truth was revealed:

The USD/MXN Tax — exchange rate variability

While planning a flights to a couple of places in Mexico for later this year, I noticed something I hadn't noticed before: The ticket prices in US dollars never match the Mexican pesos amounts.

This is far from being news, but a little math showed where one gets more bang for their greenback: Fuel surcharges!

Fill 'er up! (thanks to @lebrom390 for the oddly specific royalty-free photo!)

The offenders for this article were Interjet and rival Volaris.


I built a toy from my childhood using techniques learned and materials used during this quarter… and it worked!


See the backstory in the previous assignment (A7: Final Project Proposal).

This was the original concept:

TL;DR: Milled something, created a mold of said something, casted copies of the something using the mold.

Lego pieces are amazing — unfortunately, there are no individual triangular pieces with three connectors, so it might be interesting to come up with an interpretation of what said piece would be like, to then mill it out of wax, and create plaster copies of it.

I started working on potential ways to create a triangular piece, so spent quite a bit of time on exploring the sizing starting with a regular 2x2 piece.

OnShape sketch for a 2x2 lego brick

Time to box all these feelings up… in a CNC milled box.

I spend all of this week in work-related travel, so with a compressed timeline, I optimized heavily for fabrication and materials.

My box would be as simple as possible — to the point where the entire box can be made using a single part fabricated six times.

Unfortunately, I relied on butt joints, that are quite unreliable, but at least they were something that could be milled and assembled quickly.

The initial sketches focused on a part that would fit multiple times

To plan for the edges I…

For this assignment, I decided to create my own basic clapperboard.

I like movies, so this is a cool desk toy that I can build myself — an entertaining if it has a nice “clack” to it.

For this assignment, I dug out an old Ikea “Sekond” light bulb socket:

After measuring the socket, and the test lightbulb, I started designing a structure that would be mounted on the socket. and experimented with discs in Rhino to mount the laser-cut pieces on it.

At some point, I decided to create two discs to place groups of tiles on two levels, and used pillars to connect both discs.

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